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......@@ -45,10 +45,12 @@ You can visualize these data using meshalyzer, to do that please follow the step
## Rendering Versions
Under Linux and Windows, rendering has been improved to take advantage of modern OpenGL features.
These have not been ported to *OS X*. This will affect chiefly lighting and rendering speed.
These more modern features can be disabled by commenting out the VBO option in **make.conf**:
This will affect chiefly lighting and rendering speed. If you are running on an Applre machine there is one additional consideration.
If your screen is a Retine display, make sure that the following is set in *make.conf*:
If it is not a retina screen, set this variable to 0. You will know if this setting is correct because if not, either only 1/4 of the window will be used, or you will only see one quarter of the model.
## Run-time issues
# common variables for meshalyzer and hdf5api
//VTK_LIBDIR =/usr/local/lib
//VTK_INCDIR =/usr/local/include/vtk-8.2
//VTK_LIBDIR =/usr//lib64
//VTK_INCDIR =/usr/include/vtk-8.1
#HDF5=1 #still experimental
......@@ -17,3 +15,6 @@ CXX:=c++
# For Apple machines, set if the display is retina (1) or not (0)
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